PowerPoint slide shows available for download
Especially check out Jefferson County PowerPoints for all subject areas
When you find a PowerPoint Presentation that you want to save: select Save as, then save in the desired folder.
I suggest that you save the PowerPoint in the District_Teacher_Share folder PowerPoints_for_the_classroom
Nebo School District - PowerPoint Downloads - These shows were created as part of a three day intensive TLCF Professional Development Grant.
Fayette County PowerPoints - links that include templates and examples of Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and Hollywood Squares games and other lesson ideas that were created using PowerPoint.
Teaching the concepts of speed and velocity  - Use this as a model for comparing and contrasting. Using Action Buttons in PowerPoint - This show was produced by following the instructions included in Using Action Buttons in a PowerPoint show (Office 2000 version)
Advanced PowerPoint Topics - using a photograph as the background, re coloring, ungrouping, and the use of buttons (very much like HyperStudio) Periodic Table - Invisible buttons are used on slide 2. There are 109 invisible buttons on one slide. Take a look!
Using a series of line drawings to show progression of an action or idea - This is a physics lesson on how the angle of a plane affects the component forces. However, this strategy could be used to teach any progression of steps. Alphabet - Designed by Andi Jo White, Kindergarten teacher and webmaster for Douglass Elementary School in Memphis, Tennessee. This show reinforces letter recognition and word sounds. Slide two uses 26 invisible buttons to hyperlink to the individual letter slides.
A chalkboard with a grid  - If you do graphing with your class you might find a series of empty graphs useful to you Download a PowerPoint show about using action buttons. In the show you will find examples of using pictures on buttons and instructions on making, and using, action buttons.
Another chalkboard with a grid and equations  - An example of how specific equations could be displayed on a graph. A spelling lesson as a PowerPoint slide show  - An example of how PowerPoint could be used to teach spelling. Download the show to see how it was done.
A thought for the day  - Many teachers begin their day with an inspiring quote from someone. This show could be used as a template for that. Timeline - McDonald's timeline: Data from an online timeline, copied into MS Word, reformatted and sent to PowerPoint, finally action buttons were added. Use this as an example of what your students might be able to do.
Teaching the concept of retinal fatigue - A really neat way to use PowerPoint to teach this physics concept. Farm Animals - This show was made to show how to employ invisible action buttons in a show.
Giving a test  - A physics test covering the concepts of graphing linear, exponential, and inverse relationships Teaching the skill of adding two one-digit numbers without regrouping - Steps on how to produce this slide show are given under the integration section immediately above.
Three question quiz in PowerPoint, using action buttons - This quiz includes a feature that programmers call a "fail-safe." If a student clicks on any part of the slide other than the answer choices, they will be sent to a slide reminding them to click only on the action buttons. Thanks to Don Churchwell of Benton County Schools for teaching me about this.  
Math Lessons in PowerPoint format
Exponential Functions Like Terms
Polygons Vertical Line Test
PowerPoint Templates
Community Service   Education 18
General Student General Education
My Movies Safety
Orientation K-6
Presentation Print Media
School Bus Kids Snail
Class History Edu
Graduation PowerPoints from Graves County

PowerPoint XP- Creating text on a blank slide and using a design template

    PowerPoint resources found on the web
    Review Game Templates

  1. Ag Lesson Plans - All of these lesson plans are PowerPoint presentations. Lessons are divided into six Categories: Animal Science, Plant Science, Ag Mechanics, FFA/Leadership, Ag Business, and Miscellaneous.
  2. Semester One from Flowing Wells, Arizona
  3. Semester Two from Flowing Wells Arizona
  4. Algebra 1 Power Point Lessons from Santa Rita High School, Arizona
  5. Intermediate Algebra Power Point Lessons from Santa Rita High School, Arizona
  6. Connecting Teachers and Students- PowerPoint Templates - From the Paducah School System - several jeopardy games are available
  7. Guide to Grammar and Writing - Fourteen presentations to download. Caution, some of these shows could be used as examples of everything not to do.
  8. Indezine offers five free PowerPoint design templates
  9. Jefferson County School District presents Educational PowerPoint Presentations [many of these are zipped files]

      The Arts Language Arts
  10. Nebo school district in Spanish Fork, Utah has posted a large number of PowerPoint shows on a variety of topics.
  11. Presentations for the Classroom - Numerous presentation downloads for the classroom. Subjects include math, grammar, writing, science and game show formats.
  12. PowerPoint Games from Hillsborough Township School District (Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Hollywood Squares, and Weakest Link) - the files are in .zip format
  13. Awesome Powerpoint Tutorials for free. They also offer a set of PowerPoint tips & hints and links to other PowerPoint tutorials found on the web.
  14. Powerpoint Projects and Resources - by Margaret Henderson
  15. PowerPoint Templates to Download - From Radford City Schools.
  16. PowerPoint Presentations for Math by Monica Yuskaitis - Monica is a Grade 5 teacher at Walter White Elementary School in California. She has posted over 50 PowerPoint shows designed to teach a variety of math topics. Elementary and Intermediate.
  17. Presenter's Resource - Free PowerPoint templates and information to help you make better presentations. Download free PowerPoint templates, get ideas for better communication and more. Find links to online reference and research tools. Take a look at their settings page for some cool PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts.
  18. The Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) offers interactive PowerPoint presentations on a variety of writing-related topics to be used for class workshops.
  19. Sonia Coleman has provided 208 PowerPoint template kits for your personal use. These kits can be downloaded as sets or individually. Use these in your classroom only. She has asked that the templates not be displayed or offered on a web site. Thanks Sonia!
  20. Vicki Blackwell's Powerpoint Teacher Templates - Many ideas for quick lessons with Powerpoint.
  21. !!!Read the warning before clicking!!! - Spanish I Class PowerPoint Presentations from a high school Spanish teacher in Massachusetts (Spanish 2 also available). Warning: You will be asked if you want to install and run the comet cursor plus. Choose No! Always choose No! This is an insidious application that is difficult to remove from your computer.

Game Templates

  1. Who wants to be a millionaire
    1. Millionaire template - from Cascade Union. Elementary School District.
    2. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Student - by Jennifer Wagner
    3. Millionaire Template by MarkDamon
    4. Who wants to be a Millionaire? - from Fayette County Public School
  2. Jeopardy PowerPoint
    1. 3rd Grade SOL Review - Jeopardy game prepared by Sherri Miller, T. C. Walker Elementary teacher (.ppt format)
    2. Ag Lesson Plans has a Jeopardy template that is totally blank (except for the game board amounts).
    3. Jeopardy Games for the Classroom - The following games have been created by Hardin County Teachers for use in their classrooms. Each will reflect the curriculum area and the Exit Expectation that the game addresses
    4. Easy Jeopardy Template - Elaine Fitzgerald's template. Easy to adapt on 7/31/05
    5. Jeeparty template - 69 slides
    6. Jeopardy Template - 141 slides
    7. Jeopardy Template - 58 slides
    8. Geometry Jeopardy - a Geometry review using a 58 slide PowerPoint show
    9. Jeopardy Games created by teachers
  3. Hollywood Squares

    Hillsborough Squares template - by Mark E. Damon

  4. Battleship

    Battle Graph - teach your students about graphing on a coordinate plane. A PowerPoint show designed by Sarah Grabowski, University of Georgia, July 9, 2003 with the title “BattleGraph”

  1. Baseball

    Baseball Challenge – an extremely creative 5th Grade Social Studies Test Practice written by Mrs. Leigh Daley

  1. Happy Game

    Famous African-Americans - some of the hyperlinks don't work right, but this is a very cute game.

  2. Sunken Millions
    1. People in our Past - divers vs surfers
    2. The Way West - divers vs surfers
  3. Other Games
    1. Classroom Ideas and Game Templates - Use with caution, there are some dead links there.
    2. Templates for Homemade PowerPoint Games - It's better because it's homemade!
    3. PowerPoint Activities - The following links include templates and examples of Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and Hollywood Squares games and other lesson ideas that were created using PowerPoint. Posted by Fayette County Public Schools in Lexington , Kentucky
    4. From a New Nation to a Divided Nation by Sherry Woods, Caywood Elementary School Lexington, TN – interesting technique used in this show to eliminate wrong answers
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