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Introduction It is 1917; war has raged in Europe for three long years. Millions have died. Valiant attempts to not get involved have failed. Reporters chronicle the cultural impact of the war. US soldiers of the American Expeditionary Force are in the trenches. Soldiers write home of their experiences in Europe. Politicians debate the USās role- should we be involved or not? At home, there is talk about the war. Women, while not actively fighting, are part of the drama.

The Task Having studied the factual aspects of World War 1, you will now take on the persona of a person directly affected by the war and produce a document. A description is provided in the Process section of the directions. You will present your findings upon conclusion of this research project.

Background for Everyone You are familiar with the major events in the war, the countries involved and the situation on the home front. This task will provide you with the opportunity to understand the war from a personal perspective. To review what has been covered, you may want to visit the following sites which provide a general overview of WW 1.

World War I Links

America Enters World War I

The Process

Each person in your group is to select one of the following positions. A job description for each position is included.

The Reporter: It is the responsibility of the reporter to cover the cultural impact of the war: specifically, its effect on poetry, art and music produced during wartime. The other members of the group may provide creative input, but the reporter will be held accountable for the actual two page newspaper article critiquing the works produced.


The Soldier: It is the responsibility of the soldier to send home letters or journal entries detailing his thoughts, feelings, observations, and reactions to the war around him and his role in it. Other group members may provide reactions to the entries or letters, however the responsibility of the soldier is to provide a minimum of three journal or letter entries at a minimum of a page each.

Stars and Stripes Newspaper (1918-1919)


The Politician: It is the responsibility of the politician to write two speeches to be presented to the American people .The first should argue for US involvement in the war effort, and the second should present the arguments for maintaining an isolationist point of view. The remainder of the group may offer suggestions, but it is the responsibility of the politician to provide two two minute speeches.

Why Did the US Enter WWI

The Women: It is the responsibility of this group member to research and evaluate the role of women in the war effort. Consideration of the role both at home and abroad should be investigated. Two political cartoons with captions will be produced depicting their involvement.

Each member of your group will be given an individual grade and a group grade.

You will be graded individually on your personal contribution; article, letter/journal, speech, and political cartoon. You will also be given a group grade based on the overall thoroughness of your research.

World War 1 is an important part of the history of our country. All segments of the population became involved in a concentrated effort to secure world freedom. Upon conclusion of this webquest, you should have a better understanding of the impact of World War One on our nationās history.


Great War photographs:


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